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For most jailbreakers Cydia is an app that they use as much as they use the App Store on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As much as we love Cydia it is an unfortunate fact that the store has not changed much since it was launched and just like iOS it has stayed the same from many years. As we are seeing new concepts telling us how iOS 7 will be like a designer has shared how a redesigned Cydia UI could look like. The UI he has made seems like a marriage between the App Store app and Tweetbot – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The design user Newar shared on Dribble is worth having a look at and we wouldn’t mind if it becomes a reality.

If someone from Cydia is listening we would love to have a Cydia redesign along with the release of iOS 7. Let us know of you thoughts about this design in the comments section below. [via]

ChargeCard for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S – Review

by Zaib Ali on April 20, 2013


iPhone has become an essential part of life for millions of people and many people become extremely annoyed when they forget their beloved Apple smartphone at home or when they run out of battery while they are away from home. Sure you can carry a wire with you all the time and use it to charge or sync your iPhone if you are also carrying your laptop or you are at your office where computer is available. For people who carry backpacks or ladies who have purse carrying a wire with them is no big deal but for those who don’t have either this is not a perfect solution. Continue…

mailbox app iPhone

If you recently heard of the Mailbox app for iPhone and iPod touch but are annoyed of the fact that you will have to bare a reservation system for a few hours or days in order to be able to use the app itself then we have got a good news for you. The developers of the app recently announced that they are dropping the reservation system so users who are new to the app can download it and use it right away without waiting in line for the turn. This has been made possible after 10 weeks of “around-the-clock hard work”. The company says that the Mailbox app service was scaled to deliver 100 million emails a day – an impressive number which according to their statement is still growing. Continue…

facebook chat heads iPhone

Official Facebook app for iOS received a major update recently that brings several new features to both iPhone and iPad versions of the widely used app. For the iPhone the update brings the Chat Heads feature Facebook announced for Android a few days ago. Users can also send stickers and explore new Facebook feeds on their timeline including the Games feeds, Music feeds and Photos feeds.

On the iPad the Facebook app update version 6.0 also brings the Chat Heads feature along with a brighter and more beautiful way of viewing stories. This includes the recent changes Facebook made to its website and the update brings the iPad app interface closer to the experience found on the desktop and web version.  Continue…


T-Mobile customers recently got an option to purchase Apple iPhones on their favorite network for the very first time since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007. Now all three models of iPhone, which includes iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are available at an affordable price for the customers of this network.

Since T-Mobile is offering the device on its network officially it has recently decided to support unlocked iPhone 5 running on its network. The carrier recently released an update on its network that allows unlocked iPhone 5 devices to take advantage of its LTE connectivity, Commercial Mobile Alert System services as well as the Visual Voicemail. Continue…


ActiveDock tweak adds a visual hack to iOS that brings the iconic bouncing animation of OS X to iOS’s dock. It emphasizes mainly on increasing the iOS dock interface. It might not very surprising that the ActiveDock tweak has made the iOS dock look very much similar to its desktop counterpart as it is made by Surenix and Flippo Bigarella, who are well known members of the jailbreak developers community and have given us tweaks like Springtomize 2, CleverPin, PasswordPilot, Ayecon and more. Continue…


Most iOS users get put off with unwanted ads that come from many apps while web browsing. You cannot quite block ads in iOS using Safari, but you can from many apps by turning off Wi-Fi or by using AirPlane Mode. This trick may work on the free apps and games display. In Wi-Fi iPads and iPod touch you can to stop ad server communication by disabling Wi-Fi.

While turning off the Wi-Fi funtion works on non-cellular devices, the cellular models of iPad and the iPhone can still be connected to the internet using the cellular network and still service ads. While working on cellular iPads and iPhones, you can use AirPlane mode for blocking ads. All you need is to slide Airplane Mode ‘ON’ in Settings.  Continue…

iOS 7 currently running behind schedule

by Zaib Ali on April 3, 2013

iOS 7 concept

iOS 7 is considered to be the most important iOS update yet as it is expected that Apple will finally bring some drastic UI changes to the popular mobile platform to better compete with the likes of Android and others. Apple usually introduces a new version of iOS at WWDC which usually takes place in the month of June every year. As June is approaching it is reported that Apple is currently running behind the schedule. This news comes from well known iOS Apple bloggers Rene Ritchie of iMore and John Gruber of Daring Fireball. Continue…

Google iOS apps

Apple iOS’s biggest competitor is Google’s Android and same is true vice versa but despite the fierce rivalry between the two platforms Google offers most of its popular online services to Apple mobile users and even has released dedicated applications for the platform. Now in an ironic turn of events Google has taken top two spots in the non-games category of Apple’s iOS App Store. These apps include Youtube and Google Maps. Interestingly both of these apps were part of iOS until iOS 6 when Apple pulled them from every iOS device shipped afterwards or running iOS 6 due to the end of an agreement between the two giants.  Continue…

twitterific 5

Twitterific client for iOS has received a major update in the App Store recently that brings many cool features to the popular Twitter client. The most notable of the new features added is the Push notifications feature, which is currently in beta and is rolling out to groups of 1,000 users in the coming weeks. It is safe to assume that first 1,000 spots have already been filled but don’t worry as Twitterific is bringing this feature to more users eventually.

Apart from push notifications feature Twitterific client for iOS now also includes ability to show users banners on profile pages. Another new features included to the app enables users to share discussions via email or Storify service from within the app. Continue…

FaceDetectionDuringVideo tweak enables face detection feature in video recording mode

March 27, 2013

FaceDetectionDuringVideo is an oddly named tweak that adds a nice functionality to iOS. The face detection feature of of iOS devices is great when taking photos of yourself or a group of people as it focuses on the face of the person and makes the picture more clear and meaningful. However this feature is not [...]

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Apple adds ‘Offers In-App Purchases’ tagline in iTunes and App Store description pages

March 27, 2013

‘Offers In-App Purchases’ warning is the recent addition in the App Store description that uses the feature of downloading paid content from Apple’s servers upon user’s request. Apple has added this new tagline in the iTunes page of the app as well as in the App Store description page on the native iOS app. If [...]

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AnyReminder tweak extends the function of ‘Remind Me Later’ feature of iOS

March 26, 2013

A new hack for iOS called AnyReminder tweak has been released in Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices that extends the functionality of iOS’s Remind Me Later feature. For those of you who are not familiar with ‘Remind Me later’, it is a feature introduced in iOS 6 allows users to set a reminder based on location or [...]

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T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone, offers iPhone 5 and 4S for $99 down

March 26, 2013

The wait for iPhone is finally over for the customers of T-Mobile as the company has announced that it is going to offer iPhone 5 to its customers at an event called Uncarrier in New York. The company is offering iPhone 5 16GB model at $99.99 down and additional $20 per month for next 24 [...]

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