Hacker controls a third party app with Siri using SiriProxy

by Zaib Ali on November 25, 2011

Thanks to @plamoni who was able to create his own SiriProxy server and gave away the source code on Github, other hackers have been able to use SiriProxy to control a third-party app running on an iPad using Siri on their iPhone 4S. The developers of FastPdfFit Reader app used SiriProxy to enable voice commands and demonstrated their work in the video in which they are navigating and searching in their app i.e running on an iPad using Siri commands through an iPhone.

The developers of FastPdfFit Reader say that the procedure of enabling Siri for any third party app can be applied within a couple of hours.

The developers have explained how this actually works.

“In few words: a proxy server (SiriProxy) intercepts the siri commands sent to Apple (we are in the middle), a plugin add some new commands to the list of accepted ones by Siri, takes the answers and open a tunnel with a chat server. The chat server sends immediately the command to the iOS app that is logged as user. The application listen for messages and if receives something parses the content and react accordingly.”

All of it was done on a third-party server where developers added some new commands for Siri and integrated them to their application, something Apple does not allows at the moment. In the video developers have asked Apple to allow app developers to integrate Siri into their apps so that Siri can be made even more useful.

Developers of FastPdfFit Reader have shared in-depth info about this hack on their blog with instructions, you can check that out here.

[fastpdfkit via Electronista]

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