iPhoto for iOS works flawlessly on iPod touch [demo video and how to guide]

by Zaib Ali on March 9, 2012

Apple released iPhoto for iOS two days ago which disappointed iPod touch and original iPad users. The app works perfectly on iPhone 4 (that carries same processor as iPod touch 4th generation and iPad, but more RAM) so we decided to test it on our iPod touch 4th generation to see how the app performs on this device. The results were what we were expecting, the app worked flawlessly on the iPod touch without any visible bugs or crashes. We upgraded our iPod touch to iOS 5.1 and downloaded the app via iTunes on our Mac, and indirectly installed it via iPhone Configuration utility for OS X. Check out the video and how to guide after the break.

Note: Make sure your device is running iOS 5.1. No Jailbreak is required for this task.



How to guide:


1. Download iPhoto from iTunes on your PC (buy - $4.99)

2. The downloaded app will be located in your /Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/ (copy the iPhoto.ipa to desktop for ease)

3. Download iPhone Configuration Utility for OS X / Windows.

4. Connect  your iPod touch (4th gen.) and open the iPhone Configuration Utility.

5. Click the Applications tab from left pane. Now click the Add button at the top left corner and add the iPhoto.ipa.

6. Now select your iPod touch from the left pane. And click the install button infront of iPhoto app.

Check your iPod touch, the app icon should appear on your springboard.

Update: AppAdvice tested the same method on their iPad, and it worked fine. You can check their guide [link] if you own an original iPad.

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  • Kelly Davies

    Handy until you try to sync your device in iTunes. At that point you will get a warning that your computer is not authorized for applications purchased on the iPad. If you try to authorize, iTunes will say that you are already authorized and will prompt again that you are not authorized for applications on the iPad. Not authorizing the computer will result in iPhoto being deleted from the iPad.

  • john

    on windows os i can’t Add Any App to
    iPhone Configuration!
    please Help me

    • http://thinkios.com/ Zaib Ali

      On Windows connect your iOS device with your PC, then open iPhone Configuration utility and click on applications. Now add the iPhoto.ipa and then click on the name of your device from side pane. You will find iPhoto app listed there among other apps. Click on the install button located next to iPhoto app and wait for a few minutes. The app should now run on your iPod touch.
      Tell me if that works.

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