iPad Mini drawings reveal design details: 7-inch screen, thin design, and 19 pin connector confirmed

by Zaib Ali on July 12, 2012

Ever since Apple introduced the original iPad back in 2010, there have been rumors regarding a smaller version dubbed as the iPad mini. Recently Google released it’s Nexus 7 tablet, that gave a new life to the reports about Apple releasing a similar device with 7-inch screen later this year. Now we have received a few drawings from one of our sources in China that wishes to stay anonymous, that reveal to us the design of Apple’s upcoming mini tablet. The design as you can see in the image above is similar to the current iPad, but is significantly smaller. Our source from China has confirmed to us that the device exists, the data provided is legitimate, and iPad mini will be released later this year, as already reported by WSJ and Bloomberg.

From the images we can easily note that the device is quite thin. Our source says that the iPad Mini will be only 7.3mm thick. For the sake of comparison, the fourth generation iPod touch is 7.2mm thick and the current iPad is 9.4mm thick.

According to our source iPad Mini will have a 7-inch screen, and will be 5.3-inch wide and 7.87-inch long. Again, for the sake of comparison, the new iPad is 9.50-inches tall, 7.31-inches wide, and has a depth of 0.37-inches.

As you can see in the first image above, the new iPad Mini will feature a 19 pin connector instead of the regular 30 pin connector found on iOS devices available in market today. Reports suggesting the next generation iPhone also having a 19 pin connector have been circulating on the web since last few months as well. The smaller dock connector is said to be more efficient than the 30 pin connector because of it’s size. Alongside the new 19 pin connector, the device will feature two grills for speakers.

Unlike Google’s Nexus 7, the new iPad Mini will feature a rear camera as well as a front camera for Facetime. It is unknown at this point of time whether the device will have a 5-megapixel camera like the new iPad or will carry a VGA camera just like the iPod touch 4th generation and iPad 2.

Case maker FullHull has exclusively provided us with pictures cases especially designed for rumored iPad Mini device.


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  • Marco Polo

    I want that NOW!

  • Zuck Noris

    Who needs a smaller iPad? I think the current size is fine

    • http://www.facebook.com/LeeDashOne Lee Zhi-Cheng

      I do. I have iPad2 but always leave at home. it’s too big for me.
      I have two 7 inch android table now and still miss iOS fell.

  • Matthew

    Looks pretty legitimate to me. I would buy one definitely if it looks anything like it looks in the drawings

  • Chol

    Finally!!! Can’t wait for something small and portable.
    Now, if they’d only make an iPhone 5 mini that will fit in my pocket…

  • RadarTheKat

    The top and bottom borders on the 9.7″ iPad are each 0.87″ and the side borders are 0.75″ each. The iPad mini will need to maintain most of that 0.87″ top and bottom border (the bottom border is used for the Home button and the top border must accommodate the headphone jack, which cannot overlap with the display. Let’s say that these two borders shrink to 0.8″. That would mean the display height would be 7.88″ (200.13mm = 7.879″, not 7.87 as mentioned in the specs above) minus 1.6″ (the sum of the height of the top and bottom borders) = 6.28″. Assuming a 4:3 aspect ratio, the width of the display would be 4.71″, leaving about 0.3″ for each side border (4.71 + 0.3 + 0.3 = 5.3″). And the side borders in the above drawings do appear to be a little less than half the width of the top and bottom borders.

    A display that is 6.28″ x 4.71″ would yield a diagonal measurement of 7.8528″. This makes sense if, as I have been reporting for a few weeks, Apple utilizes the 163 pixels per inch display technology form the iPhone 3GS (which will be discontinued upon release of the iPhone 5). 6.28″ at 163 pixels per inch is 1024 pixels and 4.71″ at 163 pixels per inch is 768 pixels, yielding a 7.85″ display at 1024×768; the same pixel count as the iPad 2 in a smaller size, which would yield a 52% higher pixel density (163 x 163 / 132 x 132 = 1.52). This would not be Retina quality, but apple would correctly claim it’s 50% higher resolution (resolution is another word for pixel density) than the iPad 2. This move would help Apple keep costs down as the 163 pixels per inch display technology has already been developed and is currently being produced in high volume for the iPhone 3GS (simple matter of cutting the panels into larger pieces for the iPad mini versus the defunct iPhone 3GS.

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