NowNow tweak replaces Siri with Google Voice Search [How to]

by Zaib Ali on November 7, 2012

Ever wanted to replace Siri on your iOS device and have an Android-like Google Now experience on your iPhone or iPad? Well now you can using the new NowNow tweak for jailbroken devices. NowNow tweak simply replaces Siri with Google Search apps’s Voice Search feature. Just like Siri users can press the home button or use any other Activator action to launch the Google Voice Search interface instead of Siri and use the Voice Search feature just like they do from within the Google Search app. Of course, Google Search app is required for this tweak to work.

NowNow tweak not only replaces Siri with Google Voice Search on newer Siri running devices, but it also brings personal voice assistant experience for the users of older iOS devices that don’t have the Siri feature.

Here’s how you can replace Siri with Voice Search feature of Google Search app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or install Voice Search feature if you don’t have Siri at all.

Step 1. On your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch launch Cydia and go to search section of the store.

Step 2. On the search field write NowNow and install the tweak with the same name from the search results. NowNow tweak is available for free under the BigBoss repository.

Step 3. After installing the NowNow tweak launch the activator app on your iOS device and set an action for Google Voice Search. We recommend you choose the long press if you want to replace Siri, or three presses if you want to keep Siri on your iOS device as well as use Voice Search as a second option.

Users of older iOS devices including iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen. and iPad 2 can use the ‘two presses’ action to get the true Siri like experience on their devices.

Remember Google Voice Search won’t be able to make reminders, call someone, make notes, or do other stuff Siri could do as it cannot access the applications of your iOS device.

You can see the NowNow tweak in action in the video below.

[Hat tip AppAdvice]

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  • Simon Varley

    Hi please can you help? I can’t get nownow to speak it only shows me…. Iphone 3gs ios 6.1 jailbreak :) thanks

    • Zaib Ali

      Have you followed the guide properly?

      • Simon Varley

        yes i have to the letter :) when i ask it something it only shows me in the google app does not speak at all. thanks for your quick reply

        • Zaib Ali

          Anytime :) That’s how Google now works. It is not like Siri. Ask “Who was Steve Jobs” and it might answer with voice. The tweak only redirects you to Google app, nothing else.

          • Simon Varley

            But on all the tutorials on youtube when you ask it a question like: what time is it in London it shows you and also says: the time in London is………

          • Zaib Ali

            Does it speak when you try to do it directly from Google Search app?

          • Simon Varley

            I have it on 2 phones 3gs mine and my wifes and i have just tried the app it’s self and not not speaking

          • Simon Varley

            any idea’s on how to get it to speak?

  • Simon Varley


    • Zaib Ali

      Good to know its working for you now.

      • Simon Varley

        thanks for you time and help :)

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