Apple updates Apple Store app to add Siri and Gift Cards support, also makes Gift Cards compatible with Passbook app

by Zaib Ali on November 8, 2012

The official Apple Store app for iOS has received an update today that makes the app compatible with Siri. Now users will be able to ask Siri about Apple products and find prices for the products of their choice using iOS’s personal assistant. The update also enables users to purchase Apple Store Gift Cards through the Apple Store app which can be used through the app, Apple’s retail stores, and through phone call. In addition to adding Siri support and ability to buy Gift Cards for friends and family to Apple Store app, Apple has also added integration for Gift Cards into the new Passbook app of iOS 6 so that users can use and manage their Gift Cards from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

As 9to5Mac reports the Passbook compatible Gift Cards can also be purchased through Apple’s official website and sent to the recipient through email. The recipients can open the Gift Card in their Passbook application if they are on iOS 6 running device.

Although this update brings several new features to Apple Store app, the app still lacks the native functionality for iPad. Here’s the full change log for the application.

Change log for Apple Store app Version 2.4
  • Buy new gift cards and email them to friends and family right from the app. These gift cards are easily integrated with the new Passbook app (U.S. only, iOS 6 required).
  • Ask Siri to help you find prices and shop for Apple products. (Siri-enabled device required.)

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