Temple Run 2 for iPhone and iPad launches in the App Store

by Zaib Ali on January 16, 2013

Temple run 2

Everyone’s favorite iOS game’s sequel has been unleashed as Temple Run 2 has become available for download in several App Stores and will become available for the US users soon. Temple Run 2 features similar gameplay as the original Temple Run game but with new twists bringing a fresh experience for the users. New obstacles are added in the game as well and the game is based on a new location which is different from the jungle like area of the previous version.

What makes Temple Run 2 different from the previous one is the addition of mine carts, ropes, and new power ups making the game even more interesting. The graphics of the game have been improved as well to deliver more detail and quality to the users. In terms of visuals the game looks more beautiful then it was before.

Temple Run 2 features four playable characters with each having unique powers and upgradable abilities.

Just like the previous version Temple Run 2 is free. It is available in the New Zealand App Store right now. We will update this post when it become available in other countries.

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