Best Reminders app alternatives for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users

by Sana Usman on February 2, 2013

Reminders app alternatives

iOS has a great Reminders app that has a number of awesome features. While the app is really good there are still a lot of reasons you might want to switch to a third party solution. There are many to-do and reminders app available in the App Store’s productivity section, which act as great alternatives to iOS’s stock Reminders application. Here in this post we have compiled our list of Best Reminders app alternatives for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Read on for the app list, details, and download links.


Clear iPhone app 1

Clear is a gorgeous looking to do list app for iOS. It can prove to be a very helpful as you keep track of many things and never forget what you were supposed to do. The whole interface of Clear app takes advantage iPhone’s multitouch screen and allows users to create, delete, mark done, and navigate through the app using gestures. It is very convenient to add tasks, and it is like great fun to check these tasks as well. Clear can be used as a personal to-do list, shopping list, creating quick notes, and much more. You can get Clear for your iOS device for $1.99.

Download Clear


Any do app (2)

Any.Do is a user-friendly app, and it allows you to input reminders in your own voice. It is one of the best Reminders app alternatives as with it iOS users can enjoy the app even more by making their tasks sync in multiple devices and can also integrate them in the Google Chrome browser using the available extension. Collaboration has now become way easier by sharing the “to-do’s” with friends thanks to Any.DO awesome feature. Any.DO even has an amazing feature that allows you to talk to your phone apart from just typing in the tasks. Any.DO is available free of cost in the App Store.

Download Any.DO



Wunderlist is one of the best alternatives to iOS’s stock Reminders app for a number of reasons. First of all it has got stunning looks. Wunderlist is more like a platform than a mere app. Wunderlist has free robust website, cloud sync, and rave reviews.  Other features of app include lists with drag and drop, email reminders, badvet notifications, ability to create notes and prioritization among many others. Like Any.Do, it is also free of cost.

Download Wunderlist



Astrid is a kind of reminder app that acts as a personal assistant, which makes it one of the best reminders app alternative if you are looking for more than just reminders. With Astrid you can make divisions of your tasks among friends. A really nice feature of this app allows users to add voice reminders. Astrid’s prominent features are Facebook and Twitter integration, sharing tasks through emails, cloud sync with, sharing of public or personal tasks, and calendar amalgamation. Astrid is also available as a free download through the App Store.

Download Astrid

Orchestra To-Do

Orchestra To Do 1

Orchestra is more like a work ambiance, as it has an ability to connect an iOS user with everyone else he works with on his day to day tasks. This app emphasizes more on association and coordinating with others to get done with the tasks. The most exciting thing about this app is its feature of chatting with coworkers within a task. Orchestra To-do app supports real time sync, voice capture and recurring tasks. Orchestra To-Do is absolutely free of cost.

Download Orchestra To-Do

Do It (Tomorrow)

Do It (Tomorrow)

Do it (Tomorrow) is an app that makes it even more easier for users to put tasks of today to tomorrow. It features a nice users looking interface and allows users to instantly create todo entries. Users can simply tick the tasks they are done with and delete them as well. The app features sync options, sounds, badges, ability for users to customize font, and more. The app also features integration with official website and allows users to access their synced tasks on the internet using any kind of internet device. The online integration also means your tasks are stored online as a backup in case you lose your iOS device. Do it (Tomorrow) is available in the App Store for free.

Download Do it (Tomorrow)


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  • jason.D

    there’s a also very usefull text message reminder called txtot i mostly use it to remind stuff to my friends

  • John Karlin

    I’m addicted to my gTasks HD tasks manager – it is the best app on my phone :) ) I use it everyday, all day!!

  • vss

    I prefer Pocket Lists instead of Reminders. Location reminders are implemented so much better.

  • Betiga Labs

    You should also give Beja a try. It has all the features. It was designed to perform really really fast. It’s free.

  • abbas jack

    Future scheduler is the best reminder app which schedule auto message, calls, emails and social media posts.

  • donci27

    I use RemindersPro. Like iOS Reminders with the missing components – gestures, sort, filter, group, etc.

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