Quickly access drafts in stock iOS Mail app using this simple shortcut [Tip]

by Sana Usman on March 3, 2013

drafts shortcut iOS mail

There are many shortcuts in iOS which you might not be familiar with. One such shortcut enables users to quickly access the drafts in the stock iOS Mail app on all iOS devices. On an iPhone or iPad, most of the users will tap back to their Mailboxes and then go to the ‘Drafts’ option in order to access email drafts. However there is a much easier and quicker way to do it.

The trick is simple, you can quickly jump onto Drafts lists in stock iOS Mail app by tapping on the ‘Compose’ button located on the right side of the bottom bar. You will need to tap and hold for a second or two to make the draft screen appear.

drafts shortcut iOS mail 2

With this procedure, you will see enlisted messages in the iOS device in the current mail account as drafts, you can get access to your saved drafts that you might have saved in some time in past. If you created a draft mail from your PC using the web application and can’t see that particular draft in this page you can simply pull to refresh and get that draft as well. The good thing about this method in iOS Mail app is not only it is fast and convenient but it also shows drafts from all inboxes, so if you use multiple email accounts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch then you will be able to access drafts from all of them.

In comparison with iOS’s previous versions, this stock iOS Mail app feature is little different. In the pre iOS 6 versions, you could jump directly to last saved drafts by holding the Compose icon but Apple changed the functionality in the last major update to iOS.

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