Prevent ads from displaying in apps on your iOS device with this trick

by Sana Usman on April 6, 2013


Most iOS users get put off with unwanted ads that come from many apps while web browsing. You cannot quite block ads in iOS using Safari, but you can from many apps by turning off Wi-Fi or by using AirPlane Mode. This trick may work on the free apps and games display. In Wi-Fi iPads and iPod touch you can to stop ad server communication by disabling Wi-Fi.

While turning off the Wi-Fi funtion works on non-cellular devices, the cellular models of iPad and the iPhone can still be connected to the internet using the cellular network and still service ads. While working on cellular iPads and iPhones, you can use AirPlane mode for blocking ads. All you need is to slide Airplane Mode ‘ON’ in Settings. 

How this trick is effective is because your ads come from remote servers so by turning the internet connection off you are preventing the ad code on the app to communicate with the server in order to display advertisements.

Mostly these ads come with apps and games, but what if these come with playability of app lite versions and free games, and it would be worst if the ads start interfering with gameplay. Web browsing needs to have an internet access to do anything, and AirPlane mode trick might not work in that case. Also this trick won’t work if your app requires internet to function. In that case if you really want to get rid of ads then you can either buy the premium version of download the in-app purchase for removing ads – both of which are subjective to availability.

Not only on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but this trick works on most devices and users of free apps can use their favorite apps without distraction if they can afford to turn off the internet.

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