iTunes U serves one billion downloads, has 250,000 students enrolled globally

by Sana Usman on February 28, 2013

itunes u

Apple has issued a press release recently announce yet another milestone achieved by one of its online services. Apple has revealed that iTunes U has hit 1 billion downloads. It has also published some other statistics about the service which is now “the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content.”  It is a highly appreciated achievement by Apple that 2400 plus schools are serving content on the service which undertakes some top universities who have registered over 100,000 students into iTunes U. The total number of enrolled students in iTunes U service is 250,000.

The official press release by Apple also reveals that More than 1200 K-12 schools and districts along with 1200 plus universities and colleges are hosting 2500 public and a great number of other courses like health and medicine, sciences and arts, business and education and many more. Some very big names are included in the list of hosting these courses like MIT, Yale, Cambridge, Duke and Oxford. These universities are putting their efforts to enhance their approach by registering more than 100,000 students in solitary iTunes U courses. Some other top universities like Stanford University and the Open University are serving 60 million content downloads on the virtual university.

Moreover the company also says that more than 60% of iTunes U downloading came from outside the US. Also there are more than 30 countries from which the educators participate in content. The countries are primarily South Korea, UAE, Brazil and Turkey.

Users can access iTunes U content through iTunes or by downloading the dedicate app on their iOS device here.


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