Apple to release iPhone 5S in August while iPad 5 will be released in April – reports

by Sana Usman on March 6, 2013

iPad 5 cases

Latest reports originating from iMore say that Apple is planning to release the next generation iPhone 5S this August. Last year, iPhone 5 just like the iPhone 4S was released in the mid of September, so the August release of iPhone 5S this year will be a few weeks earlier than the last year’s release. The report suggests that the iPhone 5S will feature the same design as of iPhone 5 with a better camera and improved specifications.

Further iMore claims to have information according to which Apple will release the next generation iPad, which also dubbed as the iPad 5 in April of this year despite releasing the iPad 4 in the beginning of November 2012. This release date will fall in line with te Spring release cycle Apple has followed for first three generations of iPad.

Along with the iPad 5 the report suspects that a new model of iPad mini will also be released in Spring. iMore further said that it is not clear as yet whether the April iPad mini update will have a retina display or not, however the previous reports said that a device with Retina display is expected this October. If Apple continues to stick with plans of releasing bi annually, we might see both non-Retina and Retina iPad mini same year.

iPad 5 is expected to feature a completely new design which will be different from iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 – all of which have the same design. iPad 5 is expected to look more like iPad mini in terms of looks and thinness.

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