This is how Polycarbonate iPhone could look like (Concepts)

by Sana Usman on March 21, 2013

concept polycarbonate iPhone

We have been hearing rumors about polycarbonate iPhone since quite sometime now. At the moment the rumors suggest that the new next generation(s) iPhone will come in two flavors. One has 4-inch screen, and other has a little larger display with 4.5 inch. Now to show us how a polycarbonate iPhone would look like concept artist Martin Hajek who has been actively creating mock ups of upcoming and rumored iOS devices has created some new pictures.

concept polycarbonate iPhone 1

Some Apple fans and followers believe that Apple by giving iPhone a polycarbonate body and looks plasticky will turn its iconic and chic image into cheaper one like Galaxy plasticky ones. That will definitely lower down the extravaganza and charm of “Apple iPhone” that makes it unique in looks and feel. But if we peep into the history of Apple, this hypothesis can be strongly disbelieved and factually speaking Tim Cook and Co. will never go for cheap outlook just to save a few bucks especially when Sir Johnny Ive is there. Also it’s worth mentioning here that the mock ups by Hajek look quite impressive and we won’t mind an iPhone with those looks.

So don’t worry folks, Apple will come up with same glamorous look in its next generation iPhone as always even if it is made of polycarbonate. Also no one complained about the white polycarbonate body of MacBook as a cheap and non-classy in past as well. Polycarbonate or no polycarbonate the final product’s look solely depends on how it is made. [Source]

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