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    Buzzing noises during deleting the emails coming from inside iPhone 4

    I am really shocked that it has been six months using iPhone 4 but it makes buzzing noise while deleting emails. The noise comes from inside. Please suggest a solution.

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    Re: Buzzing noises during deleting the emails coming from inside iPhone 4

    Dear Friend,
    The Problem which you are facing,Do not have any particular reason for occurrence,They are the Unknown Errors.
    There might be the Following Reason for such occurrence,
    1.Any,Internal Part of Phone is Lose.
    2.Phone Speaker may be Damaged up.
    And Many more.

    It may also result if you have Switched your Phone to Vibration,
    Since,I-Phone notifies the Status of Task by Pop up by Making Sound and when your Phone will be in Vibrate mode it will just Vibrate for that Period of Few Seconds,Hence,While Notifying the Message is being Deleted up it will vibrate.
    So,You may Remove the Vibration mode from your Phone,It will work if its happening via System.(If Possible avoid using vibrator mode.)
    Or,You may also follow the below step so that if there might be any error via System it get Resolved up.
    Go in MENU>SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESET>REST ALL SETTINGS.(This Option will reset all the settings to Default and Problem will be solved up.)

    At Last,If again the Problem is continued and buzzing is happening in same way then you must Immediately visit to the I-Phone Care Center they will definitely help you,Since,Its an Internal Problem happening inside the Phone.
    (Note:Please visit only to I-Phone Care Center and not to any shop or other,They may Damage your Phone working capacity.)

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