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    iPhone 2G has non-functional BlueTooth

    I am unable to activate Bluetooth on my iPhone 5. I highlight the options for deleting but on clicking yes, the cursor only moves. It never gets activated. What should I do now to fix this snag?

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    Re: iPhone 2G has non-functional BlueTooth

    Dear Friend,
    Some Time by mistakenly or by Default some errors occurred in System of Phone which results some unknown errors.When Such Errors or problem occur in your I-Phone then there is only one option to Restore or Reset the Phone so as to get recovered from the problem.

    Just follow the below steps to get resolved from that Problem:-
    I am sure you will not face this Problem again as selecting the above options reset the Settings of Phone System to that of Previous Session.

    After Selecting that options wait for at Least 5-Minutes and then Go in Bluetooth and Activate it,It will Definitely work.

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    Re: iPhone 2G has non-functional BlueTooth


    Due to your Bluetooth Driver corrupted

    Due to system Issue Problem

    >>> Now you can Try the Following solution

    >> Now you should First Go to Home of the screen

    >> Then Go to Main menu of your screen

    >> Then select your General setting

    >> Now Go to reset option

    >> and Start to RESTORE all setting

    >> If Don't solve your Problem I think Bluetooth Problem

    >> Go to Your Bluetooth and check your setting

    >> If your setting ok and then After your Problem not solve

    >> I think your device Problem Go to Service center and check your device

    >> I hope your Problem solve


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    Re: iPhone 2G has non-functional BlueTooth


    iPhone 2G has non-functional Bluetooth

    follow the steps below--

    -->open the home page from the device.

    -->click the menu option.

    -->select the setting option.

    -->go to the application option.

    -->now reset option select .

    -->then followed by the reset all setting .

    -->now problem is solve if not

    -->need to the Bluetooth setting .

    -->check the Bluetooth is on or not.

    -->now solve it .

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