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    Problem happens on opening the Doc file in iPhone 4S

    I have recently installed Office app in my iPhone 4S, but when try to open the Doc file in the Office app, it crashes. What might be the issue? Please give the information to fix the issue.

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    Re: Problem happens on opening the Doc file in iPhone 4S

    Dear Friend,
    It might have been resulted up in your I-Phone due to the errors in Installed Applications.
    You must note that there are Endless Applications which only get install in Phone but it doesn't work properly or always create lots of issue while working.Hence,Its mostly recommended to Buy the Complete versions rather then running on free applications.

    You may have seen that one single applications come under pay versions that is you have to pay for it and also come in free version,People runs behind the free applications and due to which they suffer all such problems.
    Free Versions mostly doesn't have License and also they doesn't have certifications,Due to which it comes free of Cost,While as that for Pay version you have License that is you are legally owner of the applications and also it have certifications from the company and it never create any faulty or Errors in Working.

    I would suggest that try to Install the new Office Applications by Apps stores available in your I-Phone.As,Apps stores have legally good applications and they also work smoothly without creating any errors beside this as much as possible avoid visiting other sites which just offer you applications as they mostly create such situations.

    At last there may be problem in Document so download it again and then run on the application.

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