iTunes 10.5 goes final, now available for download

After 9 test releases, final version of iTunes 10.5 is now available for Mac and Windows. iTunes 10.5 brings several new features with improved performance. The latest version brings support for iOS 5 update that will go public tomorrow. iTunes 10.5 also brings iCloud support. iCloud is a cloud based service that pushes the contents (apps, music, photos, videos, TV programs etc.) you buy to all the...
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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S [specs comparison]

So finally the new iPhone is here and it is called iPhone 4S. The design of the latest iPhone 4S hasn’t changed as it features the same design as iPhone 4 however with overhauled hardware specs. iPhone 4S powers Apple A5 dual core processor rocking 7x faster graphics than the last version. Check out the full specs comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 after the break. Tweet
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