100 euros discount on the iPad Air at Amazon!

If you are thinking of buying an iPad Air paying less, now you can thanks to a offer that Apple itself has launched, in its official Amazon store. So if you want to renew your device, or get one for the first time, in this post we are going to tell you the details of this offer.

Apple has lowered the price of the iPad Air on Amazon

The 5th generation iPad Air is a Very capable and versatile device. Thanks to its “all-screen” design, the USB Type-C connector and the compatibility with the second-generation Apple Pencil and keyboards, it makes it a device designed to carry out basic tasks, such as consuming content, to more demanding, such as video and photo editing.

Inside it has the processor Apple M1, with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU. In addition, we must add the 16-core Neural Engine chip, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, with which it is capable of significantly improving the performance of the entire team, in specific tasks.

The iPad Air is a device that, over the years, has been increasing its price. And if we take into account that it currently already has computer processors (the M range), instead of the A processors, originally designed for the iPad and the iPhone, this factor is already a first indicator that, more and more, we are before a touch computer, instead of before a tablet.

In addition, the design change has also been very important. The USB Type-C connector gives the iPad much more freedom when it comes to working with accessories and peripherals. The screen allows you to display more things simultaneously and, together with the Apple Pencil, we have a much more vitaminized way of being able to interact with everything we do with the iPad. And if price is a decisive factor when buying an iPad Air, with this offer, it becomes a much more interesting product for your purchase.

This is the sale price of the iPad Air on Amazon

Currently, the iPad Air is sold in two sizes: 64GB and 256GB. Having local storage space on an iPad is very important if we are going to be working with many applications and projects, and we do not want to be subscribed to iCloud. The price difference is considerable, compared to the jump in memory. In fact, the jump is 200 euros at Apple, since the 64GB model starts at 769 euros, while the 256GB model does so for 200 euros more.

iPad Air + iPhone

Now, the model that is discounted is the 256GB one, which starts at 969 euros officially at Apple. But thanks to this offer from Amazon, we can take it for 869 euros. 100 euros less than on the official Apple website! As for the colors that are on sale, we are going to find Pink, Star White and Blue. These three are the ones that are going to be discounted.

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