100 euros less for the Apple Watch Series 8 on Amazon!

Apple itself has launched the offer

In case you didn’t know, Apple has its own official store on Amazon. Through the portal, the company also sells a large part of its products and accessories. Among them, Apple Watch watches. If you are looking for a smart watch to play sports, to monitor your health parameters, or if you want to have the experience of having “an iPhone on your wrist” at a lower price, now you can do it.

Specifically, the model that is on sale is the Apple Watch Series 8, with a 45 millimeters, and with Wi-Fi and Cellular connections. Hence, it is an experience of having “an iPhone per watch” since, thanks to the mobile data connection, we will be able to make and receive conventional calls, answer messages, listen to music and, in short, access a large part of the services and features that require internet access. All this, without having to carry the iPhone with you, since we are not going to need it for it to give us the signal.

The color of the case is Gold, and the construction material is stainless steel. In addition, the strap is the Deportiva in star white, which is resistant to water and sweat. So we will not have to worry in case our watch gets wet and its operation is endangered. The sports strap, in addition to being one of the most comfortable, is the one with one of the simplest mechanisms, thanks to the structure of its closure.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has the classic watch functions, to which we must add the measurement of oxygen in the blood, fall detection and accident detection. In this way, if we find ourselves in a situation in which we cannot call the emergency services, the watch will do it for us. In addition, we must add compatibility with the different accessories that Apple has, such as AirPods. Thanks to this combination, we will have a watch, a hands-free telephone and an iPod with the entire music catalog of our favorite streaming service on our wrist.

How much does the Apple Watch Series 8 cost on Amazon

On the official Apple website, this combination of Apple Watch costs 899 euros. However, the company itself has reduced it by 100 euros on Amazon, staying like this for only 799 euros. Without a doubt, it is a more moderate price, which makes this watch a much more interesting device. And it is that, for less money, we are going to obtain the same benefits, with the same quality of construction and with everything that makes the Apple Watch, be an Apple Watch.

apple watch series 8 amazon

Apple does not only sell this model of Apple Watch in its official Amazon store. You can also check out other models available, with other strap configurations, case sizes, and construction materials. But if you like this model, and if this is your winning combination, right here we leave you the direct link so you can buy it, and launch the most versatile smart watch.