10th generation iPad review: all the features

Finally Apple has decided to say goodbye to the traditional design in which the frames stood out for occupying a large space on the front of the device and where the start button, where the Touch ID was located, was the main protagonist. In this 10th generation iPad the front is an all screen, with the frames infinitely smaller and without any buttons. In addition, the sides are no longer rounded and become square, giving it a very premium aesthetic and, above all, very similar to that of the iPad Air or old 11-inch iPad Pro. Finally, you also have to take into account the colors in which it is available, which are the following.


On an iPad, surely the most important element that makes the difference when the user gets a good experience is the screen. We already anticipate that the one with this 10th generation iPad not the best on the marketbut it is true that it is very in line with the price of this device.

As for the points in favor, it must be said that the 10.2 inches are left behind and the welcome at 10.9, which is a considerable increase. As for colors it is really well calibrated and it is a perfectly usable and enjoyable panel to do the basic tasks for which this device is designed, as well as to play or enjoy your favorite videos, movies and series.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

However, it has a negative point that has been dragging this entire range of input iPad since its appearance, and that is that when writing with the Apple Pencil, users will be able to appreciate how between the glass and what is really the screen there is a small gap, and they will not have that sensation of literally writing on the screen. In addition, the brightness, although it is correct, could sometimes be insufficient if you want to work outside the home in an environment where the sun shines directly on it.

Compatible accessories

One of the big steps forward that Apple has taken with the “basic” iPad is based on the accessories that can be used with it. But hey, this time let’s start talking about the negative point, which is the Apple Pencil. When everything seemed to indicate, due to the design change, that the Apple Pencil compatible with this iPad would be the second generation, Apple announced that it was not, and that is keeps the 1st generation but with an added problem, and that is that due to the inclusion of the USB-C port, an adapter and a cable are now needed to be able to connect and charge the Apple Pencil with the iPad.

iPad 10 and keyboard

Once we have gotten rid of the negative, we go with the positive, which is a lot. First of all, we must mention the keyboard that Apple has launched for this iPad model. Its about Magic Keyboard Folioa keyboard with a mechanism identical to the rest of the Magic Keyboard sold by Apple and with a trackpad which, of course, makes a difference for all those users who want to use the iPad “as a computer.” By the way, it is not the same as the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Air or iPad Pro, it is made in two different parts, the area that protects and holds the iPad and the keyboard itself with the trackpad.

And while the arrival of the Magic Keyboard Folio is great news for potential users of this iPad, the Switch from Lightning to USB-C It is the best evolution that could be given to this device. Having a USB-C port will allow many users to get more out of this equipment, since they can connect all kinds of gadgets, either through the port itself or through a USB-C Hub. Undoubtedly, the potential of this device increases considerably with this evolution.

Other aspects to take into account

We have already told you about the most important and vital points that this 10th generation iPad has, but as we said before, these are not the only ones that mark the user experience offered by this equipment, and it is that, as they say, in the Small details really make the difference. Although hey, these are not that small.


If we said that the screen of these iPads is not even remotely the best you can find in an iPad, the same goes for the power, since it is not close to being the most powerful iPad on the market either, but it is not even intended to be. you need it. It features the A14 Bionic chip, which is a generation ahead of its predecessor, the 9th generation iPad.

ipad 10 camera

East A14 Bionic It gives this iPad enough power and performance to be able to carry out all the tasks for which this iPad is intended and designed, and this must be kept in mind, it is the input iPad, that is, the most basic range that can be purchased. With it you will be able to make text documents, presentations, consume multimedia content, browse the internet and even edit photos, however, if you want it to carry out professional tasks, surely this is not the most suitable model for it.


The cameras on an iPad are a much more secondary section than on the iPhone, but they also have their importance, especially if we talk about the front camera, although we leave that for last. It has a camera on the back. 12 Mpx formed by a wide-angle lens that has an aperture f / 2.4. It is not a camera designed to take pictures on a regular basis, but it is to be able to scan documents or perform other tasks for which a camera is needed.

iPad 10 and monitor

Now, in the case of an iPad, usually the most important camera is the one on the back. frontal of it, since with it, presumably, many video calls will be carried out. This 10th generation iPad is a before and after in this sense, and not only for its range but for the rest as well. The front camera has always been located at the top of the front, however in this device is located on the right side, that if you put the iPad vertically, since if you place it in landscape, horizontally, that is when the camera is on top, this being a clear declaration of intentions from Apple for this iPad to be used like this when making video calls. In addition, it has a centered frame, like the rest of the models.

unlock method

Before we have commented that the design change that this iPad has undergone has caused us to say goodbye to the characteristic home button that was located on the front, and where the Touch ID was located. However, that does not mean that this has disappeared, since it is still the main method of unlocking this iPad.

Magic Keyboard Folio + iPad 10

As happened in its day with the iPad Air and, later, with the iPad mini, the Touch ID of this 10th generation iPad is now located on the top of it, on the lock and unlock button. Apple’s solution in this regard is really good as it makes it very accessible whether you have the device vertically or horizontally.


We arrive at one of the key points of this analysis, since at the end of the day the price of the equipment will mark whether the characteristics that we have described above are really worth paying the price it has. From the outset you have to know that Apple has considerably increased the amount of money that you will have to pay to get this equipment if we compare it with the previous generation.

iPad 10 + AirPods Max

The basic version of the 10th generation iPad, that is, the one with 64 GB of storage, is part of the 579 euro, while the 9th generation iPad, also with 64 GB, starts at 429 euros. Therefore, each user or potential buyer of this iPad will have to assess whether this evolution and improvement is really worth paying the minimum 579 euros that this iPad costs.


As usual in La Manzana Medida whenever a device is reviewed, the writing team wants to tell you what it is Our point of viewbut first we must make it clear that it is simply our opinion, and therefore, you and each of our readers can and should have their own.

yellow ipad

That said, while it is true that the price increase is considerable, this increase is also in line with the features that the team has, being a much more “professional” iPad than the 9th generation iPad was. In fact, all those students who previously hesitated between a basic iPad and an iPad Air now have the best possible option with this 10th generation iPad.