Adobe Photoshop Touch and 5 other iPad apps announced by Adobe

Adobe Photo Touch

Adobe has just announced 6 awesome touch-based apps for iOS that will run on Apple iPad. These apps include Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Collage, Adobe Debut, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler, and Adobe Proto. These apps that are especially designed for tablets are inspired from Adobe’s popular Creative suite for PC’s and bring high level photo editing and creation capabilities to iPad and Android tablets.

Users can do image editing, ideation, sketching, mood boards, website and mobile app prototyping, and presenting finished work by using these new applications by Adobe right on their tablet devices. Once these apps are released users will be able to share files created with theses applications and can also transfer them to Adobe’s Creative Suite software for further refinements, so if you have created something on your iPad you can transfer it to your Mac and continue working on it from there. These Adobe apps are designed to work with Stylus as well as finger based touch.

Adobe Touch apps for iPad will be released in 2012, as Adobe expects to make an announcement about it in early 2012. The introductory prices for these applications will be $9.99. However Adobe Ideas is available in the App Store right now for $5.99.

Adobe Photoshop Touch lets users transform images with core Photoshop features in an app custom-built for tablets. With simple finger gestures, users can combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits and apply professional effects. The tablet-exclusive Scribble Selection Tool allows users to easily extract objects in an image by simply scribbling on what to keep and then what to remove. With Refine Edge technology from Adobe Photoshop, even hard-to-select areas with soft edges, such as hair, are easily captured when making selections. Additionally, the app helps users quickly find images, share creations, and view comments through integration with Facebook and Google Search. Using the syncing capabilities that are a component of Adobe Creative Cloud, files can be opened in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Debut

Adobe Debut allows users to present designs to clients and stakeholders virtually anywhere. Adobe Debut quickly opens tablet-compatible versions of Creative Suite files for convenient and beautiful viewing on the tablet, including Photoshop layers and Illustrator® art boards. Feedback is gathered using a markup pen tool to add notes and drawings on top of the work.

Adobe Collage

Adobe Collage helps creatives capture and refine ideas and concepts by allowing them to combine inspirational images, drawings, text and Creative Suite files into modern, conceptual mood boards. Features include importing of images, four customizable pen types for drawing, adding text, and applying color themes. A virtually unconstrained canvas grows as needed to accommodate more assets. Files can be shared or transferred for access in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Proto

Adobe Proto enables the development of interactive wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps on a tablet. Ideas are communicated and shared with teams and clients using a touch-based interface. Gestures quickly express a design concept, explain website structure or demonstrate interactivity. The wireframe or prototype then can be exported as industry standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and shared in popular browsers for immediate review and approval.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler makes it easy to generate color themes that can inspire any design project. Color can be explored and discovered, with hundreds of thousands of Kuler themes already available via the creative community. Social engagement in the community is enhanced by rating and commenting on themes, which can be exported as color swatches for Adobe Creative Suite projects.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is an easy-to-master, vector-based tool for drawing. By using a stylus or finger, strokes appear smooth at any zoom level. Starting with a blank canvas, users can choose color themes, and pull in tablet-compatible image files that can be controlled as separate layers. Finished results are easily accessed in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

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