Whether you’ve only had an iPhone for a short time or it’s already part of your family, there are always things you didn’t know you could do with your Apple phone, and here We show you 14 tricks that will make many things easier for you. How many did you know?

A total of 14 tricks in a 14-minute video (it was a coincidence, I promise) where you will learn to activate some settings you don’t know about, to do things you didn’t know you could do without third-party applications, in short, to get the most out of it. benefit from your iPhone. Some of these tricks are only for the latest iPhone models, the 14 Pro and Pro Max, but most are for all Apple phones updated to iOS 16. The list of topics, ordered as they appear in the video, is as follows:

  • write numbers quickly: without having to change the keyboard you can type numbers quickly.
  • Hide Dynamic Island: one of the main novelties of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but that sometimes we are interested in hiding.
  • Black background on lock screen: With always on screen you can have a completely black background on the lock screen.
  • Disable always-on display: if you want to save some battery you can deactivate this exclusive feature of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
  • Sound on and off: The new iPhones have a sound when turning on and off that is disabled and we will show you how to activate it.
  • Delete calls from the recent list: sometimes you don’t want some calls to appear in the recent list, we show you how to delete them.
  • Edit and delete sent messages: Messages allows you to edit the messages you’ve sent, as well as delete them entirely.
  • Copy WiFi network password: to send it to another person or to save it in some other application.
  • Translate text with the camera: No need for third-party apps, you can translate text using your iPhone’s camera without the need for anything else.
  • vibration when typing: You can turn on haptic keyboard feedback so that it feels like you’re pressing a physical key when typing on your iPhone screen.
  • Quick search for settings: You can find configuration options quickly without having to navigate through all the menus of the iPhone settings.
  • dictating emoji: In addition to dictating text and having your iPhone recognize it without having to write, you can dictate emojis, we’ll explain how.
  • Hide app pages: You can quickly hide or remove icon pages and have them reappear later.
  • Camera setup tricks: the best configuration of the camera so that the options appear on the screen and you can activate or deactivate them to your liking from the application itself without having to go to the settings every time you need them.