iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II (Browser speeds test)

Gadget site SlashGear got their hands on the new iPhone 4S and they made a video comparing the browser speeds of iPhone 4S with its predecessor iPhone 4 and the most powerful Android phone yet i.e Samsung’s Galaxy S II. As you might have expected, iPhone 4S loads different sites significantly faster than iPhone 4 but one thing that surprises me is that it is actually faster than Galaxy S II as well. Galaxy S II is powered by a dual core processor that runs at 1.5GHz whereas iPhone 4S has a dual core processor that is clocked at 800MHz.

Cory Gunther at SlashGear writes:

I myself am not in control of the testing here, but from initial results the iPhone 4S performs quite well, I’m sure everyone expected that as the original held its own pretty well too. One of the fastest processors around currently, the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm in the Galaxy S II performs very well but is just barely by a hair beat by the new A5 dual-core iPhone 4S in most tests. I’d rather have the SGSII perform 1 second slower and have a full flash experience personally. We could argue about this all day, flash or no flash, or try other sites but when it really comes down to it iOS is highly efficient as is Android — not to mention many many websites are designed with iOS in mind.


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