What not to expect from today’s Let’s talk iPhone event

Apple’s Let’s talk iPhone event is today and people who follow Apple news have high expectations for this event. There are things that you should expect from today’s event but there are certain things too that you shouldn’t. Here in this post i have listed a few things you should forget about today as there are no chances of these happening in Apple’s Let’s talk iPhone event.

Live stream

Apple’s PR department has already confirmed that unlike last year there’s not going to be an official live stream for this year’s event. However users will be able to watch the full event video on Apple’s official Youtube channel a few hours later the event.

Steve Jobs’ appearance

I am a little doubtful about this one but its a no secret that Steve Jobs is not feeling well these days and that is the reason why he resigned from the position of Apple CEO. So it is very unlikely that Steve would make a stage appearance during the event. We hope that Steve Jobs gets well soon and lives a happy life with his family.

iPhone 4S/5 release

Although Apple is going to talk iPhone 4S/5 today, don’t expect Apple to release it immediately after the event. There are very thin chances of pre-orders beginning today but the release will be set for the end-october.

iOS 5 public release

We know you will be eager to get your hands on iOS 5 if you haven’t already, but it is useless to expect or get excited about Apple releasing final version of iOS 5 today. Apple is well expected to be releasing final Gold Master edition of iOS 5 to registered developers today but the final public release is expected to happen somewhere in mid or at the end of October.

iPod refreshes

If you are expecting Apple to refresh its iPod line up then you are mistaken, today’s event is solely for iPhone related announcements and Apple is expected to hold another event exclusively for its iPod later this year.

We will be covering the event live here on ThinkiOS and on our Twitter account @ThinkiOS so don’t forget to visit us during the event today.

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