Siri ported to iPad and improved on iPhone 4 (Pictures and video)

A developer named JackoPlane has successfully ported Siri on iPhone 4 and original iPad. Not only he has shared the news with us but has also provided a few screenshots and a video to prove his accomplishment of porting Siri on iPad and iPhone 4. The performance on iPhone 4 (as seen in the video embedded below) looks perfectly fine. There have been speed issues previously but it seems that is a non-issue now. Although Siri software is working fine on iPhone 4 at the moment, the audio demonstration is still not shown in the video.

The developer in the video has promised that connectivity to Apple’s server is coming soon and he will post video of Siri actually working in its full form on an iPhone 4 later. We will let you know as this story develops. Stay tuned.

Siri on iPad (Screenshots)

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