How to Semi tethered jailbreak iOS 5 on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

BigBoss today released an interim solution for iOS 5′s tethered jailbreak that allows users to use their devices to some extent after rebooting. This solution is very handy if your device that is on tethered jailbreak gets rebooted when you are away from your home and you cannot connect it to RedSn0w for tethered boot (in case you don’t know, it can make your device useless until you connect it with RedSn0w for tethered boot). With SemiTether you can now use your device even after it reboot. Read on

After installing SemiTether you will be able to make calls, send text messages, use stock and third party apps. Please note that Safari and won’t work in Semi-Tethered mode.

1 ) Firstly jailbreak your iOS 5 device using this method link. (Skip if you are already jailbroken)

2 ) Launch Cydia and tap on ‘Manage’ button from the bottom of your screen.

3 ) Now Tap on Sources.

4 ) From top right, tap on ‘Edit’ button and then ‘Add’ button.

5 ) Now enter this address in the URL bar “” and tap on ‘add source’ button.

6 ) Let Cydia install the package, after it is done tap on ‘Return to Cydia’ button.

7 ) Select we just added from the list of Sources in Cydia.

8 ) Select SemiTether and install.

9 ) Now reboot your device. Your device will reboot in Semi-Tethered mode and you will be able to use some of its functions. In order to fully use your device, you will have to connect it with RedSn0w and tethered boot it.