Here’s how iPhone camera has improved over the years (images)

Camera in iPhone 4S is amazing, it can match in performance with any point-and-shoot camera you could find in the market. But iPhone camera has come a long way and it wasn’t all good in the beginning. Lisa Bettany from Camera+ app has taken photos from all generations of iPhone including original iPhone, iPhone 3S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S to compare the performance of different generations of iPhone.

Here’s what she found in the results:

The iPhone 4S is dramatically clearer and sharper than previous iPhone versions. Using separate focus and exposure in Camera+ on the iPhone 4 & 4S significantly helped create a more balanced exposure. While it’s not nearing the same quality as a professional level dSLR, it is comparable to a top of the line compact camera and even outshines it in some ways.

Here is another shot. You can find full versions of these images at the source link below.

[Camera+ via Gizmodo]

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