Other Grand Theft Auto ports for iOS devices are ‘very possible’

When Rockstar announced that it will release its popular Grand Theft Auto 3 console game for iOS devices, the first thing that came to my mind was if other versions of GTA such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas could also be ported to iPhone and iPad or not. Now Rockstar has said (via DigitalTrends) that port of other versions of GTA to iPhone and iPad is very possible.

Although the port is ‘very possible’, Rockstar has indicated that there are many technical difficulties that they would have to face in order to accomplish this task. No more details of the port of newer GTA versions to mobile devices have been revealed yet. And we cannot even comment anything about whether Rockstar will release mobile versions of GTA Vice City and San Andreas or not, even if it is as according to them ‘very possible’.

Nevertheless Rockstar will release Grand Theft Auto 3 to celebrate game’s10th anniversary later this year.


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