IntelliScreenX: An upcoming ‘must have’ tweak for iOS devices

The notifications center introduced in iOS 5 is useful, but to make it super useful developers have made a tweak called IntelliScreenX. IntelliScreenX adds more power and functionality to your notification center and makes it easier to customize the widgets and adds more usefulness to them. IntelliScreenX adds your full Twitter feed, Facebook feed, and feeds from your favorite RSS sources on your notifications center. IntelliScreenX is also accessible from the lockscreen of iOS unlike stock iOS 5 notifications center.

The good thing about IntelliScreenX is that it allows users to add pages to notifications center and then sort their widgets in those pages. For example you can add your Twitter feed widget to a separate page and view the feed by sliding your finger just like you would do on your homescreen pages. To refresh your Twitter feed you can simply perform ‘Pull to refresh’ gesture and new tweets will start showing on your widget.

You can also tweet, add a new status on Facebook and reply to comments on Facebook from your IntelliScreenX.

With IntelliScreenX you can read your favorite feeds and even open them in Safari. IntelliScreenX also allows users to read articles in Safari’s ‘Reader’ mode without the need of opening Safari browser.

Settings for this tweak are highly customizable and you can add or remove widgets and do other actions at your will.

IntelliScreenX is only for iOS 5 devices and is not available yet. It lacks iPad support too, but that will be added soon. If you want to beta test this awesome tweak for free then you can download it by adding this repo in Cydia

IntelliScreenX will be a paid tweak on release.


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