iPhone 3GS gets Siri port (Video)

Many iPhone 3GS owners were concerned about whether their device can run Apple’s new Siri feature or not. Although Apple has not given this awesome new feature to any iOS device other than the newly release iPhone 4S, developers have successfully ported Siri on iPhone 3GS. As seen in the video, Siri UI runs quite neatly on iPhone 3GS and also connects to Apple servers.

This hack is legit because it comes from the same developers who successfully ported Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. No details about the release of this hack have been revealed yet.

Developer @stroughtonsmith tweets

RT @rpetrich Siri on 3G S courtesy of @chpwn and @stroughtonsmith: rpetri.ch/siri3gs (working on Activator integration) <- this is legit

You can watch Siri in action on an iPhone 3GS here or

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