Create awesome Graffiti art on iOS with Graffiti-Tagger app

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful and creative graffiti artworks right on your handheld iOS devices? If yes then you should really try Graffiti-Tagger app for iOS devices. This app makes it easier than ever to create digital graffiti artwork on a mobile device, that can be created in seconds through Graffiti-Tagger app. This app brings authentic graffiti style typefaces and original Graffiti fonts that you can use to create awesome images.

Creating an artwork is dead simple, you just have to type any word or phrase and choose a font for it. You can add different effects such as gradients, colors, and shadows to make your artwork stand out.

There are different themes and backgrounds such as cityscapes included in the app that you can apply by choosing them from different sections of the app.

There are six premium fonts included in Graffiti-Tagger with 12 art pieces, 6 cityscapes, 12 background and more.

You can download Graffiti-Tagger app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad here for free (for a limited time).


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