Apple and LG in talks for 4-inch and 7.35-inch displays for iPhone and iPad

According to a Korean news site TheKoreanTimes, Apple and LG are in talks to initiate a deal between the two companies in which LG will provide 4-inch and 7.35-inch displays for the next generation iPhone and ‘iPad mini’ respectively. This piece of information was leaked by an ‘industry insider’ who dubbed the next generation iPad as iPad mini.

The meeting between the representatives of both companies is expected to take place in the next few days and in this meeting they will reportedly have conversation on Apple’s plans to introduce 7.35-inch tablet and LG’s role of providing parts for it.

There have been rumors circulating the web since last year about Apple planning to launch a smaller 7-inch version of iPad but Apple has always denied the possibilities. Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire might have compelled Apple to change its mind and made it to introduce a smaller version of iPad that will be cheaper than its larger version.


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