iChat coming to iOS devices? Yes! says iOS code

A developer named John Heaton (@Gojohnnyboi) has found a piece of code in iOS that hints towards iChat’s coming to iOS devices. John Heaton thinks Apple is “pretty-close-to-done” in integrating their iChat app to mobile devices. Ofcourse this is not the first time we are hearing about iChat coming to iOS devices, but no one has ever found similar strings as evidence in iOS code before.

John Heaton also hints that Apple could also be planning to integrate all iChat services into their newly released iOS 5 app ‘iMessage’ that only works iOS-to-iOS at the moment. John tweeted

What is Apple hiding? -.- http://cl.ly/1e011A0v3T0y300M3L1u (link)

Seriously, they probably have a pretty-close-to-done iChat app for iOS. (link)

Either that, or they are/were planning on integrating all kinds of cool stuff into the Messages app. (link)

Either way it would be really nice to have iChat on iOS devices, or get more services integrated into iMessage app. We will have to wait to see what Apple has in store for us.


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