iPad accounts 88 percent of total global tablet web traffic

According to very recent report by Pingdom, Apple iPad accounts 88 percent of the total global tablet web traffic. Who gets the remaining 12 percent of this web traffic you might wonder, well the rest of 12  percent is distributed among Android (10.9%), WebOS (0.7%), and Blackberry OS (0.7%). This study by Pingdom also shows the failure of Android tablet makers who have been trying to take over the tablet market during the last few months with products such as the Galaxy Tabs, Xoom, and others.

The graph below compares iOS and Android web usage share with desktop operating systems. Please note that this graph that indicates iOS and Android web usage share only includes tablets powered by iOS and Android, smartphones are not included in this graph (if they were then the share for both mobile operating systems would have been much higher).

Pingdom has also shared some useful information about iPad’s market share in different regions of the world.

Some of the market share numbers for iPad we could find include:

  • 83% of U.S. tablet sales.
  • 68.3% of worldwide media tablet shipments.
  • 73% of worldwide sales of media tablets to end users.
  • 61% of global tablet shipments.
  • 80% of tablet shipments in North America.
  • In October Google mobile chief Andy Rubin said that there are “a little more than six million Android tablets out there running Google’s services,” meaning they run Google’s apps and the Android Market. Compare that with the total number of iPads sold, as reported by Apple, close to 40 million, and iPad has a market share of 85%.


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