Hacker creates his own proxy server to control home thermostat with Siri

Thanks to the hard work done by developers over at Applidium, a hacker @plamoni was able to create his own third party proxy server for Siri and do some amazing stuff. He integrated the Wifi enabled thermostat at his home with Siri and used Siri commands to control it. He was able to effectively ask Siri about the inside temperature of his house and also managed to set the thermostat to desired degrees using Siri.

@plamoni notes that this idea of third party proxy servers for Siri will allow developers and hackers to create custom commands and opens doors of limitless possibilities for Siri. No jailbreak is required in order to perform this as everything is happening on server level.

If you are interested than you can download the source code and instructions about creating this from Github here.

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