Google Search for iOS receives a major update, gets a new UI on iPad

Google Search app for iOS has just received a major update that brings a fresh and new look to the app for iPad users. The app has been completely redesigned for iPad and this update along with the new look, also brings several new features. For iPhone and iPod touch users this update brings minor bug fixes and a full-screen mode for search results and pages.

The new look of the iPad version of the app is very simple and elegant, and is exactly like the new look of Google’s search engine, Gmail, and other products. The front page of the app features the usual search field and the Google logo. Below it are four buttons for viewing history, applications, voice search, and goggles.

When you tap on the applications button, you see the following screen. This screen features icons for Google’s web services such as Gmail, Youtube, Calendars etc. This gives users a faster way to access Google services.

Another cool feature that has been added to the app is that now you can see the search results and websites side-by-side to browse pages and results. After this update users can now see images with full-screen view in image search.

UI of search history for the application has also been redesigned in this update.

Instant Previews allow users to view previews of the sites appearing in the search results in order to determine whether they are relevant or not. You can view them in a nice carousel mode.

You can download Google Search for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from the App Store for free here


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