Apple gives Big Fish Games approval for its iOS Games subscription service [updated]

Update: Bloomberg reports that Apple has removed Big Fish Games’ app that was offering monthly subscriptions and was giving access to dozens of Big Fish Games from the App Store. According to Big Fish Games founder Paul Thelen, they were not notified about this action by Apple and are contacting them to hear more about the removal of their application from the App Store. The app was available since 18 Nov and was officially approved by Apple.

Apple has granted a game publisher approval to offer a monthly subscription to its users that is just like the subscription service offered by newspaper and magazine publishers. That means Big Fish Games will now be able to offer its titles by subsription to iPad users. According to Bloomberg Big Fish Games will be able to offer a $6.99 monthly subscription plan which will allow users to get access to dozens of Big Fish Games titles instead of buying every single one of its games from the App Store.

This subscription is just like all-you-can-eat buffet for iOS games, by which users will be able to play different games without purchasing individual ones for a monthly fees. After a month they get to decide whether they want to continue with their subscription or not.

In order to play the games a user has subscribed for, he or she would have to connect to a WiFi network so that the game could be ‘streamed’ to his or her iPad from Big Fish Games’ data centers.

Big Fish Games has planned to offer a free version of its subscription service to users that will allow them to play 30 minutes a day with advertisements.

Big Fish Games will initially offer its gaming service for $4.99 per month, this price will increase to $6.99 by early next year. Just like any other App Store service Apple will charge 30 percent commission from every subscription.

[Bloomberg via TheLoop]

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