News360 is one of the best news aggregation apps out there and its free

If you like to keep up with the news from around the globe right on your iPhone then you should really try News360 app for iOS. News360 gathers and delivers news items from a large number of sources on topics based on your interests. The app features a very simple user-interface and shows related headlines and photos in Carousal based news list so that you can enjoy your stories and easily navigate through the list.

The best thing about this app is that it is available for free in the App Store. Other than that, live news streams from respected sources from around the globe and its awesome UI makes it stand out from other news aggregation applications. Users can create a News360 account so that the app could use information from their social accounts to personalize their information. The app also allows users to share their favorite stories on Twitter, Facebook, or via Email.

  • Offline reading
  • A large number of news sources
  • Video support
  • Clean UI
  • Carousal based news list
  • Related articles from different sources
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing
  • Category based news browsing
  • ‘My Interests’ feature
  • Ability to read articles within the app
  • Its Free!
  • The favorites feature does not work as it should, if you have favorited any source you will not get latest news from that source when you tap on it in the favorites tab, instead the app will show news from different source.
  • No iPad support yet

You can download News360 app for your iPhone or iPod touch for free here


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