CleverPin tweak cleverly disables passcode lock when you are in trusted Wifi network

One of the most annoying things about securing your device with passcode lock in iOS is when you have to enter it yourself to access your device. This could be very much annoying when listening to music or chatting with a friend while watching TV at home. To fix this issue Flippo Biga has released a new tweak in the Cydia Store that allows users to add Wifi hotspots of places they often visit and have trusted people around them, for example their own home, or a friend’s home etc. Once users add their desired Wifi network to their CleverPin tweak settings, their device will not get locked until they are connected to that specific Wifi network.

The tweak comes with several other options too such as playing music, battery charging, and airplane mode. So that when you are listening to music your device won’t get locked unless you turn off the option by going into

CleverPin is a tweak i have been waiting for personally and will definitely use it. It costs $1.99 and is available under the BigBoss repo.

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