Siri for iPhone 4 hits Cydia with H1Siri tweak, faces network issues

The first ever package bringing the whole Siri experience to iPhone 4 has finally hit the Cydia Store. The tweak is called H1Siri and is available under a private repository. Although H1Siri brings the whole Siri UI to iPhone 4, it fails to deliver what Siri is all about. When you try to enter any command through your voice, it does not recognize it because it could not connect to the server. It seems as if the developer has hocked Siri with his own Siri Proxy instead of Apple’s servers, and his server is not able to coup with the huge traffic.

The legality of this port is also questionable because several developers who successfully ported Siri on iPhone 4 and other iOS devices revealed that a port is not possible without illegally cracking Apple’s properties.

Be warned as this tweak is from an unknown developer and an unknown source. We are not responsible if it harms your iDevice in any way.

H1Siri is available for free under repository.

Update: @chpwn has warned that if you use a proxy to access Siri then you may be unknowingly sending your Email, SMS, calendar, contacts, locations and other private details to that server too. Be careful and think twice before installing this tweak on your device as it is from an unknown developer. You have been warned.

Here is a demo of Siri running on iPhone 4 with H1Siri tweak

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