Create funny photos of Christmas Characters with Christmas Face app for iOS

Christmas Face is a fun app by developer Mars Yau by using which users can create funny pictures of their loved ones in just a few taps. The app allows users to take pictures of their friends and family members and turn them into Santa Clause, or any other Christmas character. Christmas Face is super easy to use and features different editing options that help in improving the images. There are a number of themes that come with the app, you can select any one of them and create your images. 

The app comes with 16 different Christmas themes. There are two ways of creating an image with this app. You can either select a theme from the selection menu and then take a photo in realtime, or you can select a photo that is already sitting in your Camera roll and apply a theme on it. You can preview the image as you edit it. The app also has a number of editting options incluing moving a picture while previewing, zooming in and out, and rotating the photo for better adjustment.

After you have created your photo and it is ready to share, you can send it to your friends by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The app is a must have if you want to have fun with the camera on your iOS device this Christmas. You can download Christmas Face for iOS on your iPhone, iPod touch 4th Generation, and iPad 2 for $1.99 here

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