Infinity Blade II for iOS updated to fix crashing and other problems

Epic Games has released a second update for its newly released Infinity Blade II game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This update of Infinity Blade II brings several bug fixes to the game. Team Infinity Blade II has said that they have fixed the issues that were impacting some users including crashing of game and loss of data. Many iPod touch users have been complaining about the crashing of the game on their devices, so this update might fix those issues too.

There are some temporary and permanent items that have been added to the game to say thanks to users who have purchased the game from the App Store.

The team has added some temporary and permanent items as thanks.  On the temporary side,
this includes a number of different potions, three prize wheels and two medium keys which will enhance play. These will be offered for a limited time and will be removed in the next update.  On the permanent side, to assist those who may have lost progress with the save issue, we’ve also included three new weapons called “Grinders” that are cheap weapons with a ton of XP and three gems that are highly customizable. These weapons and gems will remain in the game forever.

You can update the game by going into the App Store. You can download it for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $6.99 here

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