Microsoft SkyDrive app for iOS hits the App Store

Microsoft has released yet another app in the App Store, this one is called SkyDrive. SkyDrive is an app for iOS devices that allows users to upload and access there files on Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive from wherever they are thanks to the portability of iOS devices. Although the app does not allow users to upload all formats of files, it certainly lets them to upload photos and videos from their iPhone’s camera roll.

Features of SkyDrive app include

•Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you
•View recently used documents
•Upload photos or videos from your phone
•Share a link to any file using email
•Create folders. Delete files or folders

SkyDrive is a free service and provides 25GB of online storage to registered users. You can sign in with your Live ID that you use on Hotmail, Xbox Live, or any other Microsoft service to get started with the SkyDrive service. If you don’t have a Live account then you can sign up to SkyDrive by going to their website.

You can download SkyDrive app for iOS for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free here

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