How to get Facebook Timeline feature on iPhone or iPad right now

Facebook has launched a new feature called Facebook Timeline that is now available for worldwide users. Facebook Timeline allows you to view an overview of your life since you joined Facebook. It manages all your photos, status updates, and other stuff you shared on your Facebook in a timely manner. You can access the part of your or your friend’s Facebook by any year. Facebook Timeline has only been released officially for Facebook website. Although Android app has been updated to bring Facebook Timeline feature to mobile devices, iOS app is yet to get updated. Here in this post we will tell you how to get Facebook Timeline feature on your iOS powered iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad right now.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

To get Facebook Timeline on your iPhone or iPod touch right now first activate your Timeline feature by going to and clicking on ‘Get Timeline’ on your PC. Once you have done this go to the mobile site of Facebook from Safari browser i.e You should now be able to see your and everyone else’s Timeline right on your iPhone or iPod touch.


The method above works on the iPad too, but there is a better way to access Facebook Timeline on an iPad if you like to use dedicated apps instead of web apps. For this you should download a free app that is available in the App Store called Timelines for Facebook. This app allows users to view Facebook Timelines on their iPad in a unique way with swipe based navigation in which you can flip through pages and profiles of your friends and much more. Download Timelines for Facebook for your iPad free here

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