Beware: Your old iPhone might be receiving your iMessages even after wipe out

According to a recent report there is a serious bug in iOS 5 that can cause a lot of trouble for you. Right now if your iPhone i.e running iOS 5 has been stolen or you have resold it then there are great chances of either you have wiped it out using the remote service or you resetted it to the factory settings before giving it to someone. Now a report has surfaced that the iMessages service of iOS 5 can send or receive iMessages even after the device has been wiped out completely.

That means your old device that you don’t have anymore is receiving your personal iMessages without your knowledge. As iMessages work with Apple IDs you might have set that Apple ID to a newer devices so now the messages are being sent on both old and new device – because it is one of the feature of iMessages that when a message comes it is delivers on all of your iOS Devices simultaneously.

Now the question that should be bothering you now is how to stop this from happening. The solution to fix this right now is that you can turn your Apple ID that you were using on your old device off. This is not an easy thing to do as you might have bought a lot of stuff from the App Store and the iTunes store using that Apple ID, but it is the only solution at the moment to protect your privacy. You can create a new ID and ask everyone sending you iMessages to use your new ID instead of the old one.

One solution for this problem is that you can stop using the old Apple ID until Apple releases an update to fix this issue and ask all of your contacts to stop sending iMessages to your old ID until further notice – if it is possible for you.

We hope that Apple will fix this issue in the coming update of iOS 5.


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