Siri can now access the whole Best Buy catalog via Wolfram Alpha

The tasks Siri can perform right now are fairly limited – but that is why we call it a beta software and its for sure that the things will improve and it will gain more functionality as it becomes more mature. Now as reported by RazorianFly, popular retailer Best Buy has signed a deal with Wolfram Alpha that will allow Wolfram Alpha to access all of its product catalog and return results based on that information on its answer engine. Now how does it effects a Siri user you might wonder. Well this deal between the two companies means that now whenever you ask Siri about products, it can give you info sourced from the catalog of Best Buy automatically.

For example in the image above you can see that the user has said “Wolfram TV” to Siri, and in return it has displayed results from Best Buy’s catalog in a table showing the company, model, and prices of the TV sets. So now you can find pricing info, specs, images, and model numbers of products you wish to buy by just asking your personal assistant Siri about them.

This is a big news for Siri and has definitely raised its functionality. We hope Apple will add to this feature and include even more retailers and other third party services to make Siri and iPhone even more useful for consumers.


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