Patent hints on Apple’s plans of 3D GUI for iOS devices with motion sensing gestures | ThinkiOS

PatentlyApple is back with report of another patent application by Apple published by US Patent & Trademark Office on 12th January, 2012. This patent hints at Apple’s plans to bring 3D graphical user-interface to iOS devices. This new user-interface will work with device’s proximity sensors and respond to hovering gestures. The new interface is said to work like the augmented reality apps work and will also use camera on mobile devices to move in the on-screen 3D environment.

As you can see in the patent image above, it features a room like box that has has both 2D and 3D objects in it. The users will be able to move around this virtual 3D room by moving their devices, taking advantage of its sensors. Users can tap on the object in order to launch the apps.

With Apple moving to high power chips this 3D UI could become a reality in the coming years. Apple has been working on such technology for many years and it seems that they have finally made some advancements.

You can read about this patent in details here