OnLive Desktop app let’s you use Windows 7 and MS Office on your iPad

OnLive has released a new app in the App Store that brings full Windows 7 experience to your iPad. You can use the whole PC through the OnLive server and even use Microsoft Office 2010 with it. Every thing runs on the OnLive’s server just like it’s gaming service. The app of course requires a fast internet connection to provide seamless experience.

Features of the OnLive Desktop app include:
• Instantly view, edit and create documents using actual Microsoft® Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Easily transfer files between OnLive Desktop and other devices
• Experience high-performance, instant-response PC applications
• Interact with lag-free animation and video

You can download the OnLive Desktop app for iPad for free here

Here is Walt Mosserberg’s review of OnLive Desktop

[Image: Engadget]

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