AssistantExtensions tweak extends Siri’s functionality and adds awesome new features

A new tweak called AssistantExtension has become available in Cydia that extends the functionality of Siri and makes it do things that it cannot do officially. AssistantExtension tweak allows Siri users to tweet, launch apps, set brightness and much more. This tweak also allows developers to build their own frameworks and create add-ons or plugins to this tweak to add more functionalities.

AssistantExtension comes with following built-in features

  • System commands: tweet, launch applications, set brightness, etc…
  • Toggle commands: taking full advantage of SBSettings, those will allow you to list and turn on/off any SBSettings toggle installed on your iPhone
  • Chat box: have a deep conversation with Siri, beyond the scope of what Siri currently does

Currently there are two plugins available for this tweak, one allows users to search Youtube via Siri and the other one that is called Lingual allows users to convert text to upto 30 languages, including Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Haitian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Tweaks like these show how capable and useful Siri could be if Apple decides to extend its functionality and allow third party developers to integrate their applications with it. Siri is still in beta and we are sure that Apple will do something like this in coming updates.

AssistantExtension is available for iPhone 4S in Cydia Store for free. Download it now.

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