Keep an eye on the usage of your iOS device with System Monitor with Battery Max app

Want to keep an eye on the usage of your iOS device? Then you should try System Monitor with Battery Max app for iOS. The app is an Activity Monitor for your iOS device that allows you to see how much resources of your device are in use at the moment. It informs you about RAM usage, CPU load, Battery stats, time battery will take to fully recharge, running processes, IP and MAC addresses of your iOS device.

We have been playing with the app for a while and it’s quite accurate in all the stats it presents. Battery Monitoring feature of this app is awesome as it lets you know how much time you can use Wi-Fi, watch videos, play games, access YouTube etc with the remaining battery.

Here are some features of the app:
1. Double Tap Memory speedometer view to rotate to a 3D bar chart view.
2. Double tap battery or open it to see the battery capacity for your favorite apps.
3. Double tap the CPU speedometer view, to view a 3D CPU utilization.
4. Shows the used and free space.
5. Shows the IP address acquired, and hardware address of your device.

The app’s performance is as it should be but here are a few things that can make the app more even better

  • A better icon for the app
  • Simple and enhanced graphics with retina display support.

You can get the System Monitor with Battery Max for $0.99 from the App Store [download link].

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